With oil prices low, companies cannot afford any kind of obstacle in their current ongoing business operations. Cyberwars are increasing and cyber crime being ranked as the 2 most common economic crime in the Middle East, the 7th Annual Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities will focus on how to detect, prevent the cyber threats and if attacked how to recover from it with out affecting the on going business operations.

The 7th edition of the highly-successful cyber security conference for energy and utilities, will gather key stakeholders from oil, gas, power, and utility companies to create a platform to help detect and prevent cyber threats, and if attacked how to implement the best recovery management strategies for a smooth business continuity.

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Why you should attend:


Discover the current trends and strategies implemented by corporations and government in case of cyberwars


Learn how to implement effective robust strategies for recovery management


Learn best practices implemented for user behavior management-Insider threat


Understand the challenges and benefits of IoT, cloud and big data

Who should attend?

  •  IT Security Advisor/Manager/Director/Consultant
  •  IT Director/Manager/Engineer
  •  CXOs/Presidents/VPs/Chief Risk Officers/Chief Security Officers/Chief Information Officer
  •  Network and Systems Security Administrators
  •  Enterprise Security Architects
  •  Data Network Engineers/Managers
  •  IT Auditors
  •  Security Analysts
  •  Web Masters
  •  Real-time Operations Engineer/Manager
  •  Head of SCADA/ Head of Automation/Smart Grids/Digital Oilfields/ICT
  •  Ethical Hackers
  •  Head of Planning, Governance, Risk

From the following industries:

  •  Oil
  •  Gas
  •  Petrochemical
  •  Power
  •  Water
  •  Utilities

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