Develop effective controls, detect cyber threats and master OT/IT integration

The 6th edition of the highly-successful cyber security conference for energy and utilities, will gather heads of industry to create a platform to help detect and prevent cyber threats and develop a real-time response and recovery to identified threats.

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Why you should attend:

  •  Find out enhanced ways of intrusion testing and detection to best defend against cyber threats
  •  Develop a real-time incident response plan for cyber attacks to mitigate security breaches to your system
  •  Build a comprehensive cyber security system over the SCADA/ICS/DCS network and establish the controls to best manage them
  •  Develop ways to mitigate high-operational costs for OT/IT integration and SOCs
  •  Understand solutions needed to ensure compliance with government security regulations is met, particularly by the P4 deadline of NESA regulatory standard
  •  Network with other professionals in the market to help navigate and solve challenges

Who should attend?

  •  IT Security Advisor/ Manager/ Director/ Consultant
  •  IT Director/Manager/Engineer
  •  CXOs/Presidents/VPs/ Chief Risk Officers
  •  Chief Security Officers/ Chief Information Officer
  •  Network and Systems Security Administrators
  •  Enterprise Security Architects
  •  Data Network Engineers/Managers
  •  IT Auditors
  •  Security Analysts
  •  Web Masters
  •  Real-time Operations Engineer/Manager
  •  Head of SCADA/ Head of Automation/ Smart Grids/ Digital Oilfields/ ICTli>
  •  Ethical Hackers
  •  Head of Planning, Governance, Risk

From the following industries:

  •  Oil
  •  Gas
  •  Petrochemical
  •  Power
  •  Water
  •  Utilities
  •  Nuclear
  •  Metals
  •  Manufacturing


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